Sir Terry Pratchett: 'Imagination, not intelligence, made us human'


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Sir Terry Pratchett is one of the modern world’s most renowned authors. The 38 tales of the Discworld series, set in a strange yet strangely familiar world on the back of a giant turtle, have defied the limits of genre and attracted adoring fans around the world. Translated into 32 languages and selling over 60 million copies worldwide, Pratchett received a knighthood in 2009. He has been winner of the British Science Fiction Award, the Carnegie Medal, the Writers Guild Award and the Smarties Prize Silver Award. He is also Britain’s most shoplifted author.

In this exclusive Melbourne appearance, the satirist, novelist and much-loved icon joins Michael Williams for a broad, entertaining discussion at RMIT’s Storey Hall. Touching on Pratchett’s early work as a journalist, his first forays into fiction and his thoughts on death and religion, the author also shares insights into his stories and characters.

Pratchett opens with a preview — read by his ‘insistent’, Rob Wilkins — of Sam Vimes' exploits from the forthcoming 39th Discworld book.



04 Jul 2014

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12 Apr 2011


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Absolutely brilliant. A breath of fresh air. He speaks the truth as he sees it without hesitation or apology, with wit and genuine feeling, no hint of even being aware of political correctness or other such prisons of thought. He makes no attempt to hide his lack of laughter when the interviewer cracks a predictable simplistic joke, and only responds to what he feels is worth responding to. Love it!

03 May at 08:52PM

And now the statement 'imagination, not intelligence, made us human' has become an essay topic at University. Sir Terry Pratchett was not known prior to this. I've since become a his simplicity and genious. An encourager to carers who care for sufferers of alzheimers.

18 May at 07:11PM

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