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Media in the Land of Stars and Stripes


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Today’s American media is sharply divided along left and right political lines, with little room in the middle for the objective news and current affairs that was once the norm. From Fox News to The Daily Show, the New York Post to the New York Times, everyone has an agenda.

Are the public being duped – or are they complicit? And how far does the media influence politics … will it elect the next president, or will the people? What lessons does all this hold for Australia?

In the lead up to the 2012 US Presidential election, join Richard Fidler, former Newsweek deputy editor Julia Baird and the ABC’s Siobhan Heanue to talk about media and cultural empires in the land of the stars and stripes with Sophie Black.



19 Dec 2012

Filmed on:

20 Sep 2012


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