Lunchbox/Soapbox: Clementine Ford: We're All Equal Now, So We Should Shut Up and Go Home


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In a passionate attack on the idea that gender equality has been reached and feminism is irrelevant, Clementine Ford explains why there is much left to be achieved – and presents a slew of surprising statistics about female representation in the media.



18 Sep 2012

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13 Sep 2012


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Clementine Ford, that speech should be compulsory viewing for all kids in all schools. And everyone else too frankly. God, it's depressing. I knew it all to some extent but to hear all those explicit stats just makes me so angry. And with children - what can we do? I give both my boy and my girl books featuring both boys and girls. When we watch a show that is 'good' in every way apart from gender balance - and I think it is absolutely the last area of concern for otherwise concerned producers - I make them both notice the absence of girls. I try to make them both aware of it. But the outside influence of other kids etc is so strong and can undermine it all with one daft remark.
Great you mention Q&A too. The constant gender imbalance is amazing. And other shows are the same. I find it astounding and wonder why the producers don't notice or care. It's not a reflection of the world in any way.
Fascinating stats re media representation of women. I'd be curious to know how much of the 'expert' commentary that women are called on to provide is about the fact of their womanhood. If a woman is an expert, she is so often an expert on being a woman and nothing else. Urgh.
Thanks for the speech. You're fantastic.

Claire T.
18 September at 12:24PM

Questioning, passionate, inarguable.

18 September at 03:57PM

A book by Kate O'Beirne, the Washington Editor of National Review gives a strong polemic on the topic of feminism and equality in the west. It deals with many of the issues that Clementine spoke of; wage disparity, harrassment, bias etc. Its interesting that while looking at these same subjects she has formed a completely different view piont to Clementine. The book's title is 'Women Who Make the World Worse and How Their Radical Feminist Assualt Is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports. Worth a read.

19 September at 04:19PM

The problem with equality is feminists, such as the disingenuous woman who penned this verbose propaganda piece, compare apples with oranges and then claim women are oppressed, tortured victims of 'patriarchy' and all men are benefitting, even though the true indicators of equality (IE. health, longevity, sentencing, state funding, special interest laws etc) prove men are the ones who are neglected.

I find it hilarious that the woman who penned this article is complaining about the media's portrayal of women in the news as victims. Feminists are always portraying women as victims and demonising men -- just like the woman who wrote this disingenuous article, which is, to put it bluntly, made up of nutty anecdotes and unrepresentative samples that cannot be extrapolated into the real world.

If Clementine is so upset then why doesn't she go to the National Organisation for Women and Office for Status of Women and tell them to stop portraying women as eternal victims of patriarchy?

Over 280 studies have found women are as violent as men in intimate relationships -- women are actually more likely to inflict physical abuse on a child and are responsible for more deaths of children -- yet the feminist groups always trot out the claim that 95% of victims of DV are women. The 95% stat is based on the conviction rate, which is down to sexism in the police force and court system: DV advocates like Anne O'Dell train cops to make sure that no more than 8% of the people they arrest for DV are women; cops routinely arrest men when the woman is the perpetator and, the courts are hesitant to take a female offender to court because social attitudes on violence, which are perpetrated by feminists and age old beliefs, make it hard to convince judges and jurors to take violence against men seriously.

There are plenty of chivalrous and feminist judges. Police officers have admitted on television that they wouldn't do anything if they saw a woman assaulting a man, but would be all over a case involving a man assaulting a woman.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics admitted that women are less likely to receive a custodial sentence when they're convicted and, serve less time in gaol when they are given a custodial sentence.

"Women may only hold 17% of positions of public office, but don’t we know that the job of prime minister has ten magic points? We’re destroying the joint, remember." -- Clementine Ford

Considering only a very minute fraction of men are politicians and CEOs of major companies, yet are constantly told [by feminists] that they're privileged because most CEOS and politicians are men, I think a feminist is in a position to complain about people using the sex of the Prime Minister to dismiss the fact only 17% of all MPs and senators are female.

Clementine may not believe it, but there are factors that contribute to fewer women choosing to make the exact same choices as men. Sexism might play a role in some aspects, but it's hardly the main factor. Innate biologically differences play the largest role in what men and women choose to do with themselves. Women are less interested in politics, less committed than men and less likely to take the risks that are necessary to make it to the top. It's why the greatest explorers are, and always have been, men. Women's safety over danger approach benefits them in many ways, such as leading to them living longer, not injuring themselves as often and only accounting for about 6% of all workplace deaths, but they also stifle their advancement in the workforce. It's very disingenuous and selfish of feminists to complain about the negatives associated with their sex's innate biological make-up, while ignoring or ridiculing those that afflict with men.

MRO Owner
04 October at 01:17AM

Sorry, MRO Owner, but I think you're full of shit. If you're not seeing this, you're wilfully blind.

Douglas Cope
04 October at 03:57PM

Sorry Douglas Cope, but I think you're pathetic liar trying a little too hard to gain female approval.


You're not the only one who can make a unsubstantiated juvenile retort!

The difference between me and you is I base my beliefs on reality. I can validate everything I said. The fact you choose to say I'm full of shit, even though there's a wealth of irrefutable evidence validating everything I've said, proves you're either an hysterical ignoramus who refuses to listen to an opposing viewpoint or a pitiful mangina.

If you truly disbelieve everything I stated, then man up and attempt to refute it. Don't just sit there like an obnoxious 14-year-old brat that needs a trip to the woodshed.

Do you really believe that gender is just a construct and that men and women really have the same ambitions, think exactly the same as one another, yet behave differently because patriarchy prevents women from acting like men?

That's what you're more or less saying!

I merely pointed out that men and women choose different career paths and do not assign the exact same values on everything they encounter. Anyone who has lived in the world would agree with me. If you don't realise this fact, which is observable in everyday life no matter where you look, then you're a dogmatic dullard.

Now, in response your claim that what I said is "shit".

Go read Martin S Fiebert's bibliography of scholarly investigations on domestic violence. He has cited 282 scholarly investigations, performed by professionals, that found women are either as violent as men or more violent. The man works for the California State University, so don't think about passing him off as an irrelevant nutcase.

"if a police officer is arresting more than 8% women, you've got a real problem. When an officer arrests 12% or 15% women, I'm outraged." -- Anne O'Dell

That's the exact words that came out of the mouth of a feminist who trained police officers in Southern California on how to respond to domestic disputes. She has conducted over 500 seminars for judges, district attorneys, police officers, commanders and victim advocates. The woman is based in America, but she has visited the Gold Coast to dish out her biased feminist propaganda.

Read all about these facts on my page about IPV:

Go to the ABS website and look for publication 4102.0 - "Australian Social Trends, 2005". It says women are more likely to avoid a custodial sentence when they're convicted and, are more likely to be adjudicated.

If you doubt my claim that the few men involved in politics and running major companies do not benefit other men, then prove me wrong. I've seen the statistics on state funding for men's health and women's health. Women receive almost three times as much funding, even though men's health is far behind women's health. I've compiled the data the National Health and Medical Research Council on my website, so that doubters like you can see for yourself:

Now man up and back up your drivel or shut up!

MRO Owner
04 October at 08:57PM

Go to the ABS website and look for publication 4102.0 - "Australian Social Trends, 2005". It says women are more likely to avoid a custodial sentence when they're convicted and, are more likely to be acquitted.*

You're not the only one who can make an unsubstantiated juvenile retort*

MRO Owner
04 October at 09:06PM

Fantastic speech Clementine! Great research!! Thanks for speaking for all of us :-)

05 October at 02:43PM

Hello there! This post couldn't be written any better! Looking through this article reminds me of my previous roommate! He constantly kept preaching about this. I will forward this information to him. Pretty sure he's going to have a good read.
I appreciate you for sharing!

06 October at 11:55AM

Interesting talk and comments. Re: MRO owner's position, I'd tend to agree that the status quo (such as it is) is not especially great for either men or women. However, I don’t see this so much as the result of affirmative action in favour of women, or women’s allegedly more risk-averse approach to life, but a product of the limitations of fixed ideas about masculinity and femininity, and sexuality. I believe that it is those who are most invested in patriarchal and ‘heterosexist’ (meaning viewing heterosexuality as normal and anything else as deviant or abnormal) social values and arrangements who have the most difficult time adjusting to change, and struggle most with any perceived challenge to these arrangements / values. And these people can be women as well as men.

I have a sense that women can experience hostility for challenging gender roles when they move into positions of power and influence, but men seem to experience it far more pervasively in day-to-day life. In my experience there is far more constant surveillance and self-surveillance among men and also from many women to ensure that they are not appearing too feminine or too gay than there is among women around these matters (though motherhood is an area where women can be pretty hideous to one another), and I think these sorts of things can wreak a very high personal cost as it leaves men with a much narrower range of options for expressing their identity. Men who can and do step outside these bounds, and women who are willing to push against the so-called glass ceiling and encroach on traditional male territory to me are the real heroes, and an inflexible gender / sexuality order that pits us against each other as opponents in some sort of zero sum game is the real and common enemy.

09 October at 05:46AM

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