Innovation in a Changing Climate


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Series curator Tim Flannery delivers the opening keynote address for the Alfred Deakins Lectures 2010.



07 Jun 2010


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Awesome video. Flannery is an even bigger rock star after this.

Loved all his stuff on getting political re-energised.

Anton Forbes
07 June at 08:34AM

Why doesn't TV look like this?

07 June at 10:29AM

An emphatic and positive speech - very enjoyable. As was the welcome to country, especially when I first heard a shout out to "Elvis" in the audience. Er, my partner later corrected me: "he said elders".

07 June at 11:13AM

Couldn't make it last night so great to be able to watch it on the net. & it is nice to have some positivity around it all...

07 June at 12:00PM

Its over to us. Thanks Tim

07 June at 01:26PM

Great kudos to the Wheeler Centre for bringing us this and to the ABC for the link-up. Reasoning voices like Tim's must continue to be heard above the ( tax-deductable ) hysterical clammerings of traditional capital for more more more !

07 June at 01:27PM

Our group ranged in age from 23 to 83. We are all inspired by Tim Flannery's moral courage and commitment. We all took something away from Sunday night's event. What a hopeful thought that collaboration is the legacy of competition. Thanks to Tim and thanks also to the Wheeler Centre and Deakin Lectures.

09 June at 09:53PM

Brilliant! What an inspirational series of lectures. Kudos to all.

Steve Phillips
16 June at 02:17PM

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