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Travels with Hemingway's Keeper

Keeper of the Hemingway estate, Michael Katakis, talks to Laura Jean McKay about Hemingway, his own love of travel, a...


Nick Earls

Nick Earls (Analogue Men) is joined by fellow author Chris Flynn for a discussion about writing in the age of digital...


Jung Chang

Bestselling Chinese non-fiction star Jung Chang speaks with Toni Jordan about her work.


Lunchbox/Soapbox: Emerging Writers' Festival: Sam George-Allen on Literary Sexting: Scum Mag & Online Sex Writing

Brisbane writer and Scum Magazine editor Sam George-Allen defends - and celebrates - writing sex online.


Emerging Writers' Festival Launch: Fact vs Fiction

Four guests from this year’s Emerging Writers’ Festival present their tall tales at the program launch. The trick is ...


Epic Fail: Erik Jensen

Saturday Paper editor Erik Jensen talks about his fear of failure – and why it causes him to do things 'ever more lik...


Sian Prior on Shyness

Through two decades in music, journalism and radio, Sian Prior tried not to betray a characteristic she’s carried wit...


Words & music: Hannah Kent and Lior

In the second instalment of Words & music, debut novelist Hannah Kent, whose book Burial Rites has been an internatio...


Epic Fail: Clare Wright

In her candid Epic Fail speech, Clare Wright details her struggle with postnatal depression, and describes crucial mo...


A.M. Homes

In discussion with Toni Jordan, US writer A.M. Homes talks about the Great American Novel, the challenge of being hop...

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