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Architecture in the City: Creating a City with Meaning

Leading Melbourne architects give their expert local perspectives on the built environment in our city.


New News: Watching Me, Watching You

How can our media balance investigative surveillance with national security laws and free speech? And how about the p...


New News: Prophecies and Mediums

As Twitter becomes old hat and iPads ubiquitous, our panellists discuss what's next – and ask, how will it be used by...


New News: Misogyny Much? The gendered newsroom

How does gender balance in the newsroom affect the news - and how is it changing? With Kate Torney, Ellen Whinnett, P...


New News: Future Careers in Journalism

Liam Mannix, Connor Tomas O'Brien, Bec Zajac and Helen Sykes discuss what they see as the future shape of a journalis...


New News: Justice, Journalism and the Law

Margaret Simons leads a discussion of the values and dangers of risky reporting, particularly in the cases of Peter G...


Intelligence Squared Debates: Coal-fired Power will Soon be Obsolete

In our last Intelligence Squared debate of 2014, six expert panellists debate the currency of coal power – in the wak...


New News: Indigenous Voices

Kelly Briggs, Amy McQuire, Jim Remedio, Patricia Karvelas and Ellie Rennie talk about the new media revolution in Ind...


Alice Waters

Alice Waters presents her ideas on slow food, fair agriculture, healthy meals for young people and the transformative...


New News: How to Adapt and Adopt: The Challenge of News Media in a Citizen Empowered Age

In his keynote speech for the New News conference, Kim Williams talks about the future of journalism in the digital a...

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