Alom Shaha: The Young Atheist's Handbook

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Alom Shaha is a British–Bangladeshi film-maker, science writer and unabashed atheist. In The Young Atheist’s Handbook, he argues that regardless of the strictness of the traditions you are raised in, it’s possible to live a compassionate, fulfilling, and meaningful life without God. Prepare to have your expectations challenged as Shaha explains how atheists can break free from inherited beliefs and decide for themselves what to believe and who to be. In conversation with John Safran.



Alom Shaha

Alom Shaha was born in Bangladesh but grew up in London. A teacher, science writer, and film-maker, he has spent most of his professional life trying to share his passion for science and education with the public.


John Safran

John Safran first hit TV screens in 1997, shooting and presenting 10 hilarious mini-documentaries for Race Around the World (ABC).


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