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Wednesday 2 June 2010

After the disappointment of Copenhagen, Bonn’s climate change talks have been called “a slow grind” by ABC Online.

Beginning on Monday, the Bonn talks are being watched closely by Pacific nations as they are already seeing the impact of global warming. The tiny nation of Tuvalu roared at Copenhagen by demanding legally binding agreements and tougher action to limit rising sea levels and climate change refugees, but their alternative agreement was dismissed.

The Solomon Island Times opened its coverage of the Bonn talks by highlighting the $30billion dollars promised by industrialised nations “to kick start climate action in developing countries.”

The Manila Bulletin was more upbeat because UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon mentioned the province of Albay as “among the first local governments which have already committed… to a two-year UN Campaign dubbed, ‘Making Cities Resilient’”. The campaign is aimed at disaster preparedness in the event of natural and climate change disaster.

The Fijian publication Islands Business however was more pessimistic, saying that not only would the Bonn talks yield no agreement, but talks later this year in Cancun would similarly not create a workable document. As they see it, China won’t even be looking at signing a binding international treaty until talks in South Africa which won’t be until late 2011.

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Esquire magazine has released an excerpt from Imperial Bedrooms from cult author Bret Easton Ellis.

The taster opens with a wry nod to Less Than Zero, beginning “They had made a movie about us. The movie was based on a book written by someone we knew.” Esquire precedes the piece with a faux warning “You may also feel as though you need cooler sunglasses” but a sample this short won’t require a complete wardrobe change back to 1985.

Imperial Bedrooms will be released before Easton Ellis' Melbourne appearance.



02 June 2010


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If you’re still frustrated by the new version of Microsoft Word, then you’ll get a chuckle from Word Perhect.

It’s a parody of WordPerfect, a piece of word processing software that was popular until the 1990s. Word Perhect give you the chance to write documents on rumpled receipts or out-of-date calendars but just like real word processors interrupts with unhelpful tips like “Did you know you can go outside if you like”.

If you hit the repeat key it will tell you “Don’t be lazy – do it yourself”. There are some limitations though as the font choices are limited to “messy” or “neat”.

The brainchild of artist Tomoko Takahashi and developer Jon Pollard, Word Perhect was designed to show us how limited we were by word processing software that only gives limited options and bossily “suggests” tips. Although the Word Perhect was created in the early 2000s, the point seems just as relevant today.


02 June 2010


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