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Daily Tlp-102-54360002_credittimothylee_higgle

A Shot in the Dark: Christine Piper on her 2014 Vogel Win

This year’s Vogel winner, Christine Piper, reflects on the moment she learned that her book, After Darkness, had won – at five am in New York – and what the prize win means to her.

File under: Dailies (23 Apr 14)

Presenter Brendan_sydes_2014_higgle

Brendan Sydes

Brendan Sydes has been a lawyer for 18 years after graduating from the University of Melbourne in 1995 with degrees in Law and Science. Brendan is CEO of Environmental Justice Australia, a non-profit legal practice dedicated to environmental protection. He led its predecessor, the Environment Defenders Office (Victoria), from 2005.

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Event Oisin_mcgann-cable_car_higgle

Oisin McGann's Storytelling for Kids

Oisín McGann is an Irish author and illustrator who has written and illustrated a huge range of novels and picture books for young adults and children, including the Mad Grandad series and several

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Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowships 2014: Introducing the Fellows

Introducing the lucky 20 recipients of the 2014 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowships! We announce the winners who’ll be taking up a desk in the Wheeler Centre for two months this year, along with a $1000 stipend – and introduce you to the first intake of writers and projects.

File under: Dailies (22 Apr 14)

Video Artandthecity_higgle

Art & us: Art & the city

File under: Videos (22 Apr 14)

Daily Highlight_higgle

Stories of Silenced Women: The Stella Prize at Digital Writers Festival

Earlier this week, in a Digital Writers Festival Event, Sophie Cunningham spoke to four of the shortlisted writers of The Stella Prize about their work, the prize and raising the profile of women’s writing. Here are some highlights.

File under: Dailies (17 Apr 14)

Daily Adam-alter_size4_higgle

Working with Words: Adam Alter

We speak to Adam Alter, author of Drunk Tank Pink: The Subconscious Forces that Shape How We Think, Feel and Behave, about loving academia, why it’s powerful to get feedback from children on your work, and his advice for aspiring writers: write a letter or an email to 20 of your favourite writers, explaining your aspirations and asking for advice.

File under: Dailies (16 Apr 14)

Event Whe046_webtile_500x386_-_season_2_-_2_higgle

The Current Climate

Few contemporary issues present us with so much information, speculation and polarity of opinion as climate change. While many in the scientific community argue that the planet is headed for

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Presenter Oisin_mcgann-cable_car_higgle

Oisin McGann

Oisín McGann is one of Ireland’s leading writers and illustrators of books for children and young adults.

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Event Fraser__malcolm_2014_higgle

Malcolm Fraser

Since he resigned from federal politics, former prime minister Malcolm Fraser has capped a long and distinguished career by focusing on human rights and international relations. In this captivating d

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Daily Cat_in_the_hat_higgle

Sally Rippin's Tips for Encouraging Reluctant Readers

Sally Rippin’s series for primary school age children, Billie B. Brown and Hey Jack!, are bestsellers with young readers of all reading levels. So she’s well equipped to give advice on helping instil a love of reading in reluctant readers. Here are some of her tips – and her story on the genesis of Billie and Jack.

File under: Dailies (15 Apr 14)

Event Whe046_cultural_solutions_webtile_500x386_-_season_2_-_25_higgle

Cultural Solutions

Australians are more culturally aware than at any time in our history, and many communities have turned to music, art and storytelling as a viable means of tackling social and economic problems. Are

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Daily Queensland_sugar_cane_mike_locke_higgle

Frozen in Time: Sharing a Queensland Childhood with David Malouf

Shakira Hussein reflects on a Queensland childhood frozen in time across several generations, under the era of Joh Bjelke-Petersen – so that David Malouf’s reflections of his childhood in the 1930s and 40s evokes memories of her own in the 1970s and 80s.

File under: Dailies (14 Apr 14)

Presenter Abe_higgle

Abe Nouk

Abraham ‘Abe’ Nouk is the founder and director at Creative Rebellion Youth.

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Event Timwilson_higgle

The Freedom Fighter: Tim Wilson

Tim Wilson, former policy director for the Institute of Public Affairs, has been appointed Australia’s 6th Human Rights Commissioner. A fearless advocate of freedom and tireless critic of government

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Video Alaindebotton_news_higgle

Alain de Botton on The News

File under: Videos (11 Apr 14)

Daily Private-eye-3_higgle

Friday High Five: Video Games, Street Photographers, TV and Twitter

A neighbourhood bag lady in Chicago is revealed as a world-famous street photographer. Australia becomes the third country to get Nielsen TV Twitter Ratings. A call for books and video games to be more closely linked … and for Bret Easton Ellis to write a video game. The Big Issue fiction edition is open for entries. And AIDS is an issue in America’s deep south.

File under: Dailies (11 Apr 14)

Daily Masks_higgle

Reacting Against the 'I' Industry: An Anonymous Saturday Paper Reviewer

Last month, we published an article on anonymous reviewing, in the context of the new Saturday Paper’s embrace of the format. Soon after, we were approached by a Saturday Paper reviewer offering to give an alternative view. The Wheeler Centre’s Jo Case spoke to the reviewer about the ‘creative potential’ of anonymous reviewing as a form (and the wider possibilities of doing criticism differently), the need to give a new space for literary coverage a chance, and a look at the Saturday Paper so far.

File under: Dailies (10 Apr 14)

Presenter 941559_10151985826833438_1723947850_n_higgle

Lorna Munro

Lorna Munro, is a dynamic Wiradjuri/Gamilaroi artist/ educator working with visual arts, poetry, performance, radio, film, television, theatre and set design.

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Daily Andie_fox_size4_higgle

Working with Words: Andie Fox

We chat with feminist writer Andie Fox about connecting with readers through your writing, why memoir-style writing is difficult to write well and safely, and why it’s good to pursue writing as a second career – and not just for the obvious monetary reasons.

File under: Dailies (09 Apr 14)

Daily Tv_usb_higgle

Threats, Job Offers and Taking TV Seriously: On Anonymously Reviewing Comedy

We interview one of the creators of Australian Tumbleweeds, an anonymous comedy blog run by a small team of writers who are passionate about televised comedy and brand themselves ‘Australia’s most opinionated blog about comedy’. We talked about the state of Australian comedy (and television writing), why being critical encourages good work, and the freedoms and responsibilities of anonymity.

File under: Dailies (08 Apr 14)

Presenter Richard_bell_headshot_higgle

Richard Bell

A past member of the Campfire group, Richard Bell is a founding member of Brisbane-based Aboriginal artist collective proppaNOW. He is represented by Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

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Presenter Alan_duffy_caastro_higgle

Alan Duffy

Dr Alan Duffy is a research fellow at Swinburne University, creating model universes within supercomputers to study the growth of galaxies, from the Big Bang to the present day.

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Daily Morriseey_higgle

Are We Too Promiscuous for Own Good?

Human sexual behaviour is constantly changing, evolving alongside broader social and cultural changes. These days, both men and women have more sexual partners over a lifetime than they did in the past. Researcher Dyani Lewis weighs the pros and cons of 21st-century promiscuity, and looks at why awareness of STIs has fallen so out of step with sexual mores and habits.

File under: Dailies (07 Apr 14)

Video Pacifichighways_higgle

Pacific Highways: A Spotlight on New Zealand

File under: Videos (07 Apr 14)

Event Whe046_webtile_500x386_-_123_higgle

Erotic Fan Fiction

Twilight without four books-worth of boring foreplay? Gay werewolf porn? The Hunger Games: Pants on Fire? The world of fan fiction has taken a whole new direction in recent times as writers stiffen t

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Daily Slide_342944_3552320_free_higgle

Friday High Five: Geoff Dyer, Rubbish Art and Creative Teaching

The waste of overconsumption becomes beautiful under a photographer’s eye. An article on hipsters actually worth reading (because it pokes fun at the whole thing). Meg Wolitzer shares her cultural influences. A Belgian teacher uses Game of Thrones spoilers as punishment. And Geoff Dyer writes about his stroke in LRB.

File under: Dailies (04 Apr 14)

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