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Shaun Micallef

Shaun Micallef is best known for his TV comedy, including Mad as Hell and Talkin’ ‘Bout Your Generation.

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New News: Misogyny Much? The gendered newsroom

File under: Videos (27 Nov 14)

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New News: Justice, Journalism and the Law

File under: Videos (26 Nov 14)

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Disco? Very: On the Evolution of DJ Culture

During his Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, Chad Parkhill was writing a critical essay that analyses Daft Punk’s 2001 album Discovery in terms of technology and temporality. In this extract, he looks at Daft Punk’s use of disco samples, and traces the evolution of disco as a genre – and with it, DJ culture.

File under: Dailies (26 Nov 14)

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New News: Future Careers in Journalism

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Esparanto For the Despairing: Elin-Maria Evangelista, Hot Desk Fellowship Extracts 2014

Elin-Maria Evangelista’s novel Esperanto for the Despairing tells the story of a handful of Australians travelling to Stockholm for the 1934 world congress in Esperanto, a journey that will change their lives. Among other things, it looks at how learning an additional language impacts a diverse group of characters.

File under: Dailies (25 Nov 14)

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The Show of the Year

It’s back, by popular demand! Join us for a fresh instalment of our new annual tradition: The Show of the Year.

With a stellar line-up of talent, we’ll hold a mirror to the highlights, lowlights

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New News: Indigenous Voices

File under: Videos (25 Nov 14)

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Kai Clancy

Kai Clancy is 19 years old and was assigned female at birth. Kai is a Brotherboy (an Aboriginal transmasculine person); he comes from Wakka Wakka and Wulli Wulli nations. Kai has been heavily involved in Aboriginal politics in Brisbane. He is also a part of the newly formed collective WAR – Warriors of the Aboriginal Resistance. Kai is a staunch advocate for aboriginal inclusivity and visibility in the transgender community.

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The Long Way Home: Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, Christa Jonathan

2014 Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow Christa Jonathan’s The Long Way Home is a short-story cycle with illustrations that will be published as a series of themed zines. The work will be primarily based on travel writing and her experience growing up as Chinese-Indonesian and living in Melbourne.

File under: Dailies (24 Nov 14)

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Alice Waters

File under: Videos (24 Nov 14)

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Woolf & Wilde: A Queer Party

At the climax of a heady week of queer discussion at the Wheeler Centre, we’re inviting you to come together – anybody, everybody – for a celebration of queerness and difference. A sly confection of

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Helen Razer

Despite her best efforts with a PC keyboard, opinion and arts writer Helen Razer is best known as a broadcaster. For the better part of the 1990s, she presented a national program on ABC radio.

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Daily Mars2_higgle

Friday High Five: Mission to Mars, Mike Nichols and Book Titles

How unlikely is the world’s first for-profit mission to colonise Mars? Very. Daniel Handler’s racist joke mars the National Book Awards. Hanna Rosin confronts former best friend Stephen Glass about his famous fabrications. Farewell to Mike Nichols. And a look at how books get their names.

File under: Dailies (21 Nov 14)

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Noel Tovey

Noel Tovey has had a career spanning 60 years in Europe and Australia as an actor, dancer, singer, director, choreographer, designer, writer and teacher. He is Australia’s first male ballet dancer of Indigenous heritage.

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Working with Words: Paul Mitchell

We speak to Melbourne writer Paul Mitchell about why ‘just keep writing’ is bad advice, why you should never believe what your friends and relatives say about your work, and his son’s lucky escape from being named ‘Valjean’.

File under: Dailies (20 Nov 14)

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The Shadow of the Rock: Rebecca Harkins-Cross, Hot Desk Fellowships 2014

During her time as a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow, Rebecca Harkins-Cross worked on a cultural history of Australian cinema, looking at the unifying motif of terror in Australian cinema and how this fits into our larger national mythology. In this extract, she considers Picnic at Hanging Rock.

File under: Dailies (19 Nov 14)

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Good Old, Sweet Old, Wholesome, Pure Little Brisbane: Nick Earls on The Delinquents

Nick Earls reflects on discovering classic Australian novel The Delinquents – Brisbane’s Last Exit to Brooklyn – in 1989, as the film starring Kylie Minogue was made at a local hotel, and he hung around the edges of the set.

File under: Dailies (18 Nov 14)

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Tristan Meecham

Tristan Meecham is a performance artist who works with the grand and the ridiculous. He is passionate about connecting community, audience and artists together in events that transcend the everyday. One day he will collaborate with Grace Jones. Tristan created The Coming Out Trilogy, three large-scale performance spectacles that include Fun Run, Game Show, and Miss Universe.

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Daily Mental_illness_writing_higgle

Strange Bedfellows? Mental Illness and the Novel

S.A. Jones ignored her creative writing teacher’s advice to never write about mental illness in a novel … but has spent a lot of time wrestling with the question of whether mental illness and the novel can do each other justice. And how do you write about a form of mental illness that defies the beginning, middle and end that the novel demands?

File under: Dailies (17 Nov 14)

Video Performinggender_higgle

Men Overboard: Performing Gender

File under: Videos (15 Nov 14)

Video Pressfreedomvpoliticalpower_higgle

Press Freedom vs Political Power

File under: Videos (14 Nov 14)

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Rene Redzepi

File under: Videos (14 Nov 14)

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'Not That There's Anything Wrong With That': On Seinfeld and Autism

Jo Case, author of Boomer and Me: A Memoir of Motherhood and Asperger’s, reflects on Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘coming out’ as as being on the autism spectrum this week – and the conflicting responses from the autism community, which range from outrage to gratitude

File under: Dailies (14 Nov 14)

Presenter Yana_alana_peterleslie-0271_higgle

Yana Alana

Teetering on the brink of cult status whilst on the verge of a nervous breakdown, Yana Alana is the divine and deluded alter-ego of Sarah Ward, one of Australia’s fastest rising cabaret stars.

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Daily Futures_higgle

The 'Electronic Revolution' and the Future of Work

We hear from Charles Brass, chair of the Futures Foundation, about the future of jobs – and work – in Australia, in the age of the ‘electronic revolution’. He says that responsibility for creating work and staying employed has shifted from the employer to the individual – and this affects the way we think about jobs and careers.

File under: Dailies (13 Nov 14)

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Daily Amy-headshot_higgle

Working with Words: Amy Middleton

We speak to Archer Magazine’s Amy Middleton about talking sex in the Archer office, building up the confidence/arrogance to start her own publication, and why human interaction is the best way to get anywhere.

File under: Dailies (12 Nov 14)

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