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Presenter Beczajacpicture_higgle

Bec Zajac

Bec Zajac works for Overland magazine, broadcasts on 3CR community radio and is undertaking a Master of Journalism at the University of Melbourne. She has written for the Age, the Sunday Age, Crikey, The Brooklyn Rail, The Citizen, Overland and New Matilda, and produced work for Channel 31.

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Daily Sc2_higgle

Making Things in the Digital Age: Sophie Cunningham on Portland's XOXO Festival

Sophie Cunningham attended Portland’s XOXO Festival around independent digital culture last weekend, and she’s reported on it for us – and reflected on the way that so many of the burning issues of digital culture also resonate for her as a writer.

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Event Alicewaters_mid_higgle

Alice Waters

From the earliest days of Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California, Alice Waters has stood out from the crowd. Taking her lead from the farmers and small producers who supplied the restaurant, over the d

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Presenter Paola_balla_head_shot_higgle

Paola Balla

Paola Balla is a Wemba-Wemba and Gunditjmara woman of Italian and Chinese heritage. She is an artist, curator, speaker, educator and cultural producer – having developed Footscray Community Arts Centre’s first Indigenous Arts and Cultural program, and as a Senior Curator in First Peoples exhibition, Melbourne Museum.

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Daily Marktwainwriting_higgle

Meet the Fellows: Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship 2014, Round Three

Our third and final group of Hot Desk Fellows for 2014 begin their work at the Wheeler Centre today. As is customary, we’ve invited each of our six talented writers – Susie Anderson, Louis Bravos, Eli Glasman, André Dao, Emily Stewart and Claire Rosslyn Wilson – to share an introduction to the projects they’ll be spending their time on.

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Video Jungchang_higgle

Jung Chang

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Event Whe046_webtile_500x386_-_season_3_4045_higgle

Key of Sea

Join us for an emotional night of storytelling and song. The Key of Sea produces creative projects – albums and journals – that celebrate Australia’s cultural diversity. The albums pair established a

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Daily Smrekar_higgle

Friday High Five: Brewed meat, artistic science, digital journalism and creativity unlocked

In this week’s Friday High Five, we check out a startup that’s brewing meat, meet an artist whose work is both science and fiction, delve into the current creativity fetish and take in some arguments about contemporary journalism.

File under: Dailies (26 Sep 14)

Daily Kirstymurray_higgle

Working with Words: Kirsty Murray

In this edition of Working with Words, we spoke to author Kirsty Murray about the lives a book’s characters take on, the value of critical reading for writers, and checking in with Balzac every decade or so.

File under: Dailies (25 Sep 14)

Daily Bernadettehince_higgle

The World of Candling and Reindeer Moss: Bernadette Hince, Hot Desk Fellowship Extracts 2014

During her Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellowship, Bernadette Hince worked on The Grand Polar Dictionary. Her project is an attempt to document the culture and practices of Arctic life, past and present, through its language – some of which is now fading or extinct. Today, we take a glimpse at her work in progress.

File under: Dailies (24 Sep 14)

Daily Aurelia_guo_higgle

The Weather Report: Poems by Aurelia Guo, Hot Desk Fellowship Extracts 2014

Aurelia Guo’s The Weather Report is a performance poetry series of found and self-authored fragments, taken from the internet, daily life and social interactions. Here are two of the poems she worked on during her time as a Wheeler Centre Hot Desk Fellow.

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Event Promo_higgle

One in Two: Juvenile Injustice

Every second young person in detention in Australia is Indigenous. The human impact of this confronting statistic is the destruction of families, the weakening of communities and the inadvertent

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Event Whe046_webtile_500x386_-_season_3_4016_higgle

Renewable Energy

Both environmental and economic arguments make a case for renewable energy. But how is Australia placed to launch into that future? We’ll consider the decentralised electricity movement, support (or

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Video Annefrankdiarytobook_higgle

Anne Frank, from Diary to Book

File under: Videos (22 Sep 14)

Event Watchingme_higgle

Watching Me, Watching You

What will become of the rights of investigative journalists and whistleblowers in the wake of Snowden, Assange and Manning? How can our media balance investigative surveillance with the government’s

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Event 0i4a7660_-_version_2__1_

Matthew Reilly

Matthew Reilly was recently dubbed ‘publishing’s boy wonder’ by the Sydney Morning Herald. His action-packed blockbuster novels read like Hollywood movies, with the sound turned up – and they’ve

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Daily Wooleett_higgle

'Eva': From The Love of a Bad Man by Laura Woollett, Hot Desk Fellowship Extracts 2014

Laura Woollett is working on a proposed collection of short stories, The Love of a Bad Man, spotlighting the women who have stood by some of history’s most sinister men. Whether mistresses, accomplices, or victims themselves, these women have something in common: they have all felt the allure of evil. This is one of her stories, ‘Eva’.

File under: Dailies (22 Sep 14)

Event Kimwilliams_higgle

How to Adapt and Adopt: The Challenge of News Media in a Citizen Empowered Age

Kim Williams has been a senior media executive for over 30 years, working in television management, film and television production, public policy in government and most recently as CEO of News Corp

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Video V_danielbergner_higgle

Let's Talk About Sex: What Do Women Want?

File under: Videos (21 Sep 14)

Daily Divorce-papers-dress-2_higgle

Friday High Five: Stephen King, Professor Dumpster, the Italian Crying Indian

Stephen King shares some terrific tips for teaching writing. An Austin professor has moved into a dumpster on the campus of his university. A 15-year-old student shows off the wedding dress she made from divorce papers. The iconic ‘crying Indian’ of the 1971 anti-pollution ad (and countless westerns) is actually Italian. And why tech giants like the late Steve Jobs restricted their kids' use of online gadgets.

File under: Dailies (19 Sep 14)

Event Andy-2014_higgle

Andy Griffiths

If you’re an Australian kid of a certain age (or a parent of one), you’ll already know who Andy Griffiths is. He’s a master of comic novels, silly scenarios and kooky characters – and a man who’s

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Daily Samuel-wagan-watson_higgle

Working with Words: Samuel Wagan Watson

Samuel Wagan Watson delivers a thoughtful and enlightening piece that answers our usual series of ten questions, and traces his development, inspiration and approach as a writer: being inspired by Marvel Comics, falling into poetry, weird critical responses, and his background as a working-class writer within a family of writers.

File under: Dailies (18 Sep 14)

Daily Mothers-and-daughters-cover-653x500_higgle

Refusing Not to See: On Kylie Ladd's Mothers and Daughters

Jo Case reflects on the defining themes of Kylie Ladd’s new novel, Mothers and Daughters: the complexities of female friendships, 21st-century adolescence, and the divide between black and white Australia. It’s all set against the stark tropical beauty of Broome, where Kylie and her family lived for a year.

File under: Dailies (17 Sep 14)

Daily Whe046_webtile_500x386_-_season_3_4016_size4_higgle

Good News and Bad: Australia's Renewable Energy Future

The Australian government is committed to supporting the coal industry. Meanwhile, nations around the world are stepping up their support for renewable energy, and for the first time in history, Australia will need no new coal or gas power capacity in the next ten years. We look at the good and bad news about our renewable energy future.

File under: Dailies (16 Sep 14)

Event Gregcombet_500_higgle

Greg Combet: Unions, Labor and Leadership

Greg Combet is one of the most influential public figures of his generation. A former leader of the ACTU, and parliamentary secretary and senior minister in the Rudd-Gillard Labor governments

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Daily True_crime3_higgle

Hit-and-Run Books and 'Literary' Works: On True Crime, from Garner to Chopper Read

Crime writer Andrew Nette looks at the evolution of the true crime genre in Australia, from literary approaches by Helen Garner and Anna Krien, and serious works of journalism by Robin De Crespigny and Matthew Condon, to ‘hit and run’ books. What can a good true crime book explore, beyond the crime? And why is the genre suddenly so popular?

File under: Dailies (15 Sep 14)

Video V_blakwave_higgle

Blak Wave

File under: Videos (13 Sep 14)

Video V_feministporn_higgle

Let's Talk About Sex: Feminist Pornography

File under: Videos (13 Sep 14)

Video V_powerflail_higgle

The Fifth Estate: Power Flail

File under: Videos (13 Sep 14)

Daily Mars_atmosphere_higgle

Friday High Five: Colonising Mars, Awkwardness and Food Fashion

We’re set to colonise Mars: this century. Why is awkwardness so important? The next food trend: chefs ordering genetically engineered vegetables from seed producers. An author interviews her editors, agent and publicists. And homeless LGBT teens in the US.

File under: Dailies (12 Sep 14)

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